Doodling for Beginners 2

Course Description

Age Group: 6-15
Level: Beginners

Drawing book/Set of A4 sheets/iPad
Pencil, Eraser & Sharpener
Either Wax Crayons, Oil Pastels or Color Pencils

What You'll Learn:
Doodling with Alphabets
How to convert an alphabets into animals of your choice.
Coloring the animals with your favorite colors.
Making your own name a set of animals.

About the Live Session:
Doodles are so much fun, a lot of doodles form a set of imaginative thoughts that can be represented and worked on. This drawing course is designed for kids and is perfect for 6+ years of age. The teaching process used is a kid-tested, customized step-by-step method that will both inspire and delight your child’s visual sense.

The tutor encourages kids to create unique masterpieces of their own and we believe that kids' imagination in its purest form must be encouraged to trigger creativity as a habit. Let's get creative!

Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Animator

Her venture, ‘Oh Darling Let’s Dream’ is based out of India. Saji says, “I am a true day dreamer and my art is an exact reflection of me. I get inspired from my emotions and my love for Indian aesthetics.” About: Saji is a lively creative brain, with an academic background in Fashion, Saji felt that she loved sketching fashion outfits which led her to, follow her heart and inner artistic kid, over the period of time she decided to learn and freelance and now is successful business owner of a design studio, it became her true purpose of life.