Festive Indian Cooking

Course Description

Age Group: 10-15
Level: Beginners

Basic Cooking Essentials (vessels, spoons, etc.)
2 Cups Dates
100g Almonds
50g Walnuts
50g Pumpkin Seeds
50g Sunflower Seeds
50g Sesame Seeds
50g Watermelon Seeds
30g Flaxseeds
Cardamom Powder
5-6 Dry Anzeer (Optional)
3tsp Black/Gold Raisins (Optional)

What You'll Learn:
How to make healthy laddu sweet.
Mixing with various ingredients.
Understanding the importance and difference between these healthy laddus and regular store-bought sweets.
Get inspired for a healthy lifestyle.

About the Live Session:
Cooking is a therapeutic process and it’s very essential for kids to have skills equipped to cook by themselves. And in all this, if they are given the knowledge & opportunity of learning about healthy living, it’s a boon to their life. This session is designed for kids and is perfect for 10+ years of age.

The teaching process used is a kid-tested, customized step-by-step method that will both inspire and delight your child’s cooking sense. The tutor encourages kids to try cooking, mixing, baking, and skills talks about nutritional aspects in a particular food item.

Let's make some healthy & yummy laddus!

Clinical Nutritionist, Dietitian & Baker

I am a certified clinical Nutritionist. Baking is my passion and as a home maker, I make sure my family gets all the nutritional values in their daily diet. Home cooked food has control over the ingredients we use while cooking for our loved ones. More than just cooking, kids at a very young age get conscious about the Nutrition that's involved in each ingredient that's used in cooking. At the end of the day, we are what we eat.